Brian and Chrissy Sing Shallow Parody To Madison and Moriah
Look, we're well aware of the fact that we cannot sing (although Chrissy killed her part if you ask me!!) but we needed to do something to express our heartache when Moriah Formica and Madison VanDenburg got eliminated prematurely on their respective TV reality singing shows...
GNA Announces Last 'Hometown Hello Tour' Stop Of Year
You GNA listeners are an absolute blast and we hope to meet many more of you as we'll be hitting the road again this week, doing the morning show LIVE from Dunkin' Donuts in various towns and cities throughout the Capital Region.  It's Brian and Chrissy's 'Hom…
Price is Right LIVE!
My Mom and I do a lot of things together but sometimes she has these ideas and I have no idea where they come from. That's how I got dragged into my out of the ordinary Thursday night activities at the Palace Theatre.

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