Lets flashback a little, shall we. It was a crisp April night in Clifton Park. I rolled up in my Honda Civic with pizza in hand to my Nanas condo. It was time for, not just the finale but the final episode of American Idol. A tradition Nana and I have had for years. See, she's always been on the air with me whether here at GNA or otherwise and how she first started with me it was all about her American Idol "Picks." She would watch the show and give her thoughts and say who would be in the bottom and who would get sent home. She was almost always right and people who didn't even watch the show would tune in just to hear Nanas thoughts!

Now, here it is a couple of months after the finale and a couple of months after Nana correctly picked Trent Harmon to become the final "American Idol" and he's coming here to GNA!

Trent will be doing a private, exclusive Garage Session with GNA Tuesday and we've given you the chance to win your way in and be a part of it. I'm bringing my Nana, who is probably going to hit on him because it's what she does! (Nana Fact: She told David Cook he had "nice buns.")

Here's the crowning moment...