There is a ton of history from the days of prohibition and gambling in the 1930s and one of the gangsters of the time is said to have buried his fortune somewhere in Saratoga County. The Travel Channel searched for it and they reveal their findings (if any) on TV tonight. According to The Times Union, a new Travel Channel show called, "Code of the Wild" has been filming in Warren County since April. Casey and Chris Keefer, the hunters, are in search of a buried fortune from a 1930s gangster named Dutch Schultz. They travel around the world trying to find and solve some legends and mysteries.

It is believed that before Dutch Schultz met his demise by a rival gangster, he and one of his henchmen buried seven million dollars (at the time) in Saratoga County. He supposedly said his fortune could be seen from the highest point in Saratoga County. That would Tenant Mountain.

The Travel Channel stayed at The Lodge at Harrisburg Lake which sits atop that mountain. The owners said they got to know the crew and more of the legend of Dutch Schultz and the history of the area. If they found the millions, now worth $55 million, it would go the owners of the land. That would be the family who owns the Lodge.

The show will air on Tuesday night, September 10th at 10 pm on the Travel Channel. When asked if the brothers were successful in finding the fortune, they said they were asked not supposed to tell.

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