This weekend I was reminded as to exactly why I started "Blue Friday" so many years ago. It is a reminder I wish I never had, and my heart goes out to Sergeant French of the Troy Police Department , his family and friends and hope for a full and quick recovery.

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It reads like the opening scene in a movie. A routine police stop in an instant becomes a deadly situation, leaving a police officer wounded and a suspect dead. The horrific scene  that happened Sunday morning in Troy is a not so gentile reminder that the dangers that come with being a police officer are very real and potentially only a moment away.

If you have not heard about the story yet, during a routine stop for a traffic violation and possible D.U.I. , the suspect attempted to run down the officer and fled the scene. After a pursuit and a crash the officer again tried to apprehend the suspect. Once again the suspect drove at the officer jamming him between the suspect's car and a patrol car. The officer fearing for his life then shot the suspect and was then aided by fellow officers and brought to the hospital.

Fortunately we don't here these kinds of stories all the time but the fact that they do happen is one of the reasons I have so much respect for anyone who is brave enough to put on that uniform and risk their lives for the safety and well being of their community. All too often these stories do NOT end up with the officer surviving and that is why WGNA has "Blue Friday" an day and event set aside to honor the memories of officers who have paid that ultimate sacrifice and help their families who have been left behind.

I hope you make plans to come out and support our efforts as Bethany and I will be broadcasting live on Friday morning, the 29th at Hannaford on Wolf Road in Colonie. We will be selling Blue Carnations, Blue Friday Apparel and of course taking donations.

We would love for your support and for you to wear BLUE on that day to show support for all of the men and women who never know when they put that uniform on to go to work if it will be the last time they see their loved ones.


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