Santa Claus is making his last-minute preparations and getting ready to make his way around the world in just one night. If you want to track Santa's movement on Christmas Eve, there is a way to do it. Here's how. There is an interactive website set up by The North American Aerospace Defense Command also known as NORAD. The website is up and running now with games, fun music, a library, a gift shop, and more all for you to see and play. You can also get information about Santa's reindeer and his sleigh, and fun facts about NORAD and their technology. The actual tracking of Santa Claus won't begin until Tuesday, December 24th starting at midnight.

Santa will be the only one who will know the exact route he will be taking. So you won't know exactly when the big man will be making his stop at your house. NORAD says that's because some kids may still be awake and he may have to check back at another time.

To check out the NORAD tracker and all of the fun and games, click HERE.

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