Hurricane Beryl Ripped Through Parts of Upstate NY

Yesterday's storm caused 42 tornado warnings, a record in New York State; according to sources, two tornados touched down.

Most of us in the immediate Capital Region (thankfully) were spared much of the damage caused by Hurricane Beryl on Wednesday; just a few hours west of here in Central New York and 90 minutes or so north of Albany, things were much different.

Just north of Syracuse, in Cicero, NY, spinning tornadoes dropped up to a half foot of rain from the twisters. At the same time, Hurricane Beryl heavily damaged and flooded Forestport and Lowville, two towns in the Adirondacks.

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Tornado damage in Central New York. Photo: Facebook

Storm Chasers and Residents Film Intense Video of the Storm

Check out the following social media videos chronicling yesterday's storms. Some were filmed by brave storm chasers, and others by New York residents who had their phones on simply because they couldn't believe what they were witnessing.

We hope and pray that everyone affected is safe and that the damage can be repaired. Thank you to the first responders and all the helpers who stepped up in this time of need.

Ominous tornado trail in Central New York. Photo: Facebook
Ominous tornado trail in Central New York. Photo: Facebook

Robbie Venditti's Facebook Page

"I Chased todays Tornado Outbreak in New York. Here’s some video I shot of a Mothership Tornado Warned Supercell in Cicero, NY(just North of Syracuse). The structure and inflow tail on this Mothership is something unlike I’ve ever seen in New York State!"



Forensic Weather Consultants Facebook Page 

"Yesterday I chased several supercells in what turned out to be a historic supercell outbreak day for New York. I was in awe that after hours of driving in hilly, mountainous terrain I somehow I found this great hill and valley in Waterville, New York with a perfect view of an incoming tornado warned supercell. I've never witnessed such amazing mothership (supercell) structure...let alone in upstate New York."


RT Facebook Page

Life In the ADK Facebook Page 

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