These guys on this morning show of ours drive me nuts.  They keep busting my chops constantly about my constantly advancing age (as if theirs DOESN'T advance).  I keep telling them that we all advance at the same rate, it's just that I had a head start.  I decided to embrace the fact.  I've even researched just how old I really am

You know those emails that circulate once in awhile saying "If you were born after 1980, you never knew what a rotary phone was".   Well, I tried one of these myself at the suggestion of our station digital guru, Bryen Bushner.  Here are the top 5 things  that I'm older than.

McDonalds  1954

Play-doh 1956 (originally a wallpaper cleaner)


The Barbie Doll  - 1959

Getty Images


The Modern Computer

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and now one thing I'm ALMOST as old as, but not quite.   Can you guess?  Go ahead......  OK, now scroll down




Yes, dirt.  (There.  I beat you to it)

I forgot to mention that I was born in 1953.  You can do the math on your own.