I should break into a chorous of "Don't Laugh At Me", by Mark Wills.   Once again, I got shot down on our show.  But I don't take it personally.  They all laughed at Christopher Columbus and Tom Edison too!   This is a great idea, and like all great ideas, people poke holes in it!  I'll show these naysayers a thing or two someday!

Celebrity Equinox

While on our vacation this past month (we went on a cruise), I was sitting in the cabin and noticed that I forgot to charge my camera battery.  We were leaving the room and I didn't want to leave the camera out while charging, but if I put it in the safe - you can't charge it!    So I had this idea  that they should invent a safe where you can plug devices in and keep your items secure at the same time.

I brought this up during one of the commercials, and, OF COURSE Sean had to put it out on the air!  Here's what happened during THAT exchange:

I hope I get the last laugh, because I still think it's a good idea if I do say so myself.  "Damn the

screen shot safe

torpedos", I say.  (Do I have any investors out there?)  If you want to be an anonymous one, don't worry- I'll keep your name in my safe (you know-the one with the 110 volt outlets in it!)

Do you have an invention idea that you get laughed at for mentioning?  Leave comment below!

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