You know these "smart cars" that everyone seems to be blabbing about these days?  You know the ones --they have internet built in and can keep track of vehicles systems etc? Well this little gizmo will bring your jalopy right up-to-date.

Wow - I just showed my age by saying the word jalopy. But I digress.

This new invention, the Voyo is a little "dongle" that plugs into that little port that most car dealers use to diagnose your vehicle.

Well now YOU can plug this thing in if this invention comes to market.  According to this will let you open your trunk with your iPhone, monitor mileage and fuel consumption-even CO2 emissions (watch out, Volkswagon!)  It will even monitor the driving habits of the person behind the wheel and keep a log (watch out, teenagers!)

from YouTube
from YouTube

There's so much more - too much for one article.  But they have to raise money in order for it to be mass produced.  They have this on Kickstarter.  It looks like they've reached their goal already, but could still use more funding.

What will they think of next?  I guess we'll find out tomorrow - they come up with new stuff every day…

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