This invention is much more in Sean and Levack's wheelhouse than in mine.  I'm more of a wine guy.  But if you are a beer lover, and a lazy one at that, this is for you.  All you need is an iPhone and a robot controlled refrigerator.  

According to an article at, a guy named  Ryan took an old mini-fridge and converted it into an appliance that delivers.  Literally!  You can sit in a chair with your iphone, select the brand of beer you want, and even direct the fridge left, right, center, or anywhere in between using your iPhone.  Here's his video via YouTube.  And yes, there is an app for  that as well.


This guy should go on  "Shark Tank" and try to get this marketed!  Hysterical.  Would you buy this?  If it shot Merlot out of it, I might consider it.

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