Alan Jackson is coming to town this Saturday (10/20) to the Glens Falls Civic Center for what should be a fantastic show. I've seen AJ a few times in concert and you are guaranteed a night of nothing but hit after hit. The guy has 34 #1's and a slew of top 5's and top 10's as well. Here is a few of my favorites that I hope he performs on Saturday night.

1. Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)

The first time I heard this song when he performed this on the CMA Awards in 2001, I had chills as did many people across the country.

2. Everything I Love

I am one who is a caffeine and junk food junkie and enjoy a nip of Jack Daniels every now and again so I guess Everything I Love is killing me too! I can relate!

3. I Don't Even Know You're Name

You can't go wrong with a story song about getting drunk and marrying someone you don't even know. The video with Jeff Foxworthy makes it even better

4. Work In Progress

As a guy, I think we all relate to this song. Ladies, it's true we are all a Work In Progress...we're guys for cryin' out loud!

5. Midnight In Montgomery

A haunting tale about meeting the ghost of Hank Williams. Great songwriting!

Tickets for Alan Jackson with special guest Kristen Kelly at The Glens Falls Civic Center are on sale now at the Civic Center Box office, online at or phone charge at 1-855-GFCC-TIX.

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