My mom is notorious for messing up lyrics to popular songs. She has been doing it forever. We thought that we would bring her on the show to use her funny talent to help her figure out what song it is and who sings it. Many years ago, my mom was at my house and we were singing karaoke. It was her turn to sing and the song was Killing Me Softly by Fugees. When the song started, right out of the gate, my mom belted out, "strumming his thing with my finger!". Those weren't the words. The real words are, "strumming my pain with his finger". Yeah, she was way off and it was hysterical. That's how "Chrissy's Mom Screws Up The Songs" was born.

We let this segment rest for a while but now my mom is back and there are plenty of songs that she needs to find out what the real words are. This week it's a popular country song that my mom swears that she knows what it is. She doesn't. Take a listen.

My mom does a segment called "Chrissy's Mom Screws Up the Songs" every Thursday morning around 7:30. She comes on our show and sings the part of the song that she thinks she's getting right and the listeners have to figure out the real title and artist of the song. We always have a great prize to give away. Plus it feels good to help out my mom. But be warned, once you hear my mom's version, you will never hear that song the same again.

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