Chances are we got what we wanted this holiday season. However, there are some gifts that need to be returned. Here are the stores that have strict and easy return policies plus tips about returning the gift. First and foremost, make sure you keep that gift receipt. A lot of times it gets swept up in the wrapping paper. A gift receipt always makes it an easier return.  Another tip, do not remove the tags or stickers until you are sure you are going to keep it. I am the worst at this. I always rip off the tags before I try things on. Don't be like me! Resist the urge to take off the tags, it will make the return much smoother.

Consumer Reports lists Kohl's and JC Penny as having the most generous return policies. I completely agree with Kohl's. I have never had a problem returning something even when I had already ripped off the tags!

It is harder to return electronics especially after they have been opened. Stores like Best Buy and Apple have more strict return policies.

To get a complete list of retailers with the best and worst return policies, click here. There are also other tips to ensure that you can make the return as easy as possible.


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