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Geek Squad Employees Helping Feds Catch Pedophiles
The FBI has declined to comment but documents have shown that members of the Best Buy Geek Squad have been paid by the feds for years to help them catch criminals.  Not just any criminals, mind you.  We're talking about pedophiles; real life monsters capable of robbing innocent and helpless children…
Tips For Returning Those Unwanted Gifts
Chances are we got what we wanted this holiday season. However, there are some gifts that need to be returned. Here are the stores that have strict and easy return policies plus tips about returning the gift.
Best Buy Employee Terminated For Tackling Thief
Sometimes you think you're doing the right thing, but you're really not. This happened when Roger Kline thought he may have saved the day when a thief tried to make good with over $1,600 in merchandise, but his instinct to tackle the sticky-fingered customer didn't save his job. In fa…