If you are looking for a part-time seasonal job, this is the best time to start looking and get hired. A lot of box stores and chain retailers are looking for a ton of holiday help. Nationwide, many of the big chains and the box stores are hiring thousands of part-time holiday help. According to the Daily Gazette, the delivery giants are looking to hire a ton of delivery drivers and sorters. FedEx wants to fill 50,000 while UPS is looking to fill 95,000 positions. In the Capital Region, UPS is hoping to hire 500 seasonal employees for package handlers at $10.20/hour and tractor trailer drivers at $32 an hour. They say that about 35 percent of those holiday workers go on to become full-time employees.

Other companies looking for seasonal employees include Target, who wants to hire 100,000 nationwide and Macy's needs 80,000. There are many employers hiring for the holidays and not just big box stores or deliver services. Openings include customer service representatives, on-line marketing specialists and accounts receivable.

To see who is hiring, simply go to the retailer's website and search for seasonable jobs.


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