Under a new plan just announced by Governor Cuomo, some toll booths will start becoming a thing of the past.Now, we may not see this in the Capital Region right away. But under a new plan just announced by the Governor to move the state's roadways into the 21st century, automatic tolling will be implemented at New York City's various river crossings. According to the report, this will not only reduce commute times, but will reduce emissions and fuel costs.

I have not seen it in New York yet, but I have seen many high speed tolls throughout New England that utilize EZ Pass, and this seems like the next logical step for New York's tolls as well. Massachusetts is making a similar move: New Channel 13 says October 28th all tolls on the Mass Pike will be automated; tolls for those without EZ Pass will double those of pass holders as photos will be taken oft their license plates and they will be billed for the toll.