If you travel the Thruway and don't have an EZ pass, you will be paying more soon and the increase is pretty significant. I have been an EZ pass holder since 2013 and I am so happy I am. I travel the Thruway a lot because Jenn's family lives in Buffalo. It seems that we are always making that trip. Being an EZ pass holder already saves money per toll. The cost is going to rise if you don't have EZ pass, so now's the time to consider one.

According to the Buffalo News, the New York State Thruway Authority just approved a proposal that will raise the cost of tolls for those who do not have the EZ pass. It's to encourage all tolls to go cashless. If you aren't an EZ pass customer, your toll will be thirty percent more than mine. Also, the proposal would also allow a fifteen percent increase for out of state EZ pass holders.

If everything is a go, it will have to wait until the Thruway system is totally automated. The estimated timeframe is January of 2021.

It may be just EZ-er to get your pass sooner than later.

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