I'll cut to the chase here - I've never made had more fun on the air while making a jerk out of myself at the same time.  With that disclaimer in mind, we now present a new twist on Write A Song Wednesday.

We wanted to freshen things up on the Sean and Richie Show  for the fall, so we decided to start with this really fun feature - a feature that features YOU.  

We asked for a suggestion for a style of music. Someone chose Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Then we asked for random words to insert as well as a person to write the song about!

Here's how it went down - I'll let you decide how successful it was!


His name is Justin
A police dispatcher oh yes this is true
He's rather modest
In his eyes he's only just a 2
Trying to write this song
But it made my brain so discombobulated
I need your help
I'm asking you if I may be so bold
Justin's from Hudson
 Thank God it rhymes
Has a girlfriend named Samantha where he spends lots of time
His favorite color
Yes it's lavender
It gives him an orgasm
When he smells it he has spams
He must feel terror in his line of work
and I felt terror too using this voice I feel like a jerk…..



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