It's awesome to see a town in the Capital Region mentioned among the best small town festivals in the state.

Maybe this one is a little more exciting for me due to the fact I live within walking distance from this and always have. Lets face it though, I'm not walking there. I also used to attend this a lot with my mom and grandmother as a kid. Along with that any festival will bring a town together, especially one inside of a small town. This certainly qualifies as a small town.

Waterford, in between Halfmoon and Cohoes each and ever year does their Canal Festival. Even better for this one the admission is free. Only In Your State did a list ranking the nine best small town festivals in New York and Waterford with Canal Fest came in at number 9. Plenty of things go on here including live music, activities for kids, kayaking and then some.

If you wish to attend this year the festivities will be going down on May 20th from 10AM to 6PM.

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