How many times at home, and work have you been hit with rules. Ironically, I will say this happened to me a s a kid at home and continues into my adulthood. New employee manuals and policies are coming out every day. If you do this, then you'll have to pay $xxx etc..

The funny things about these rules is that the people who make them will slap you with enforcement, but usually would not bust themselves if they broke them. A judge in Michigan should be praised for practicing what he preached. Judge Raymond Voet has a no cellphone rule in his courtroom, and if someone's cellphone goes off during a court proceeding the offender has to pay a $25 fine. The judge just got a new Windows based phone and forgot to lock the screen and a button was hit in his pocket which promoted the phone to say "say a command" during a hearing. True to the rule, as soon as the court session ended the judge went to the clerk and paid the $25 fine immediately. Way to go! That's why I like the game of golf, because it makes you call penalties on yourself.. unless you're Tiger Woods.

Think about this as you look at the refrigerator in your work break room and see the sign that says, anything that is not cleaned out by Friday will be thrown away! LOL.