Apparently I'm not the only one in the Capital Region who thinks having Christmas decorations out before Halloween is too early.


After I saw the image above at Lowe's in Clifton Park last weekend, my first reaction was 'Christmas decorations, already?' So I asked GNA Nation with an online poll when is the right time for Christmas decorations to come out in stores?

It turns out I am not the only one who is not ready to get in the Christmas spirit.  For GNA nation - the right time to bring the decorations out is after Thanksgiving. Hey, I get why stores get them out early. They are trying to get a jump on the season and make some extra profits, and I am sure several folks get their decorations now to get a jump on their Christmas shopping and, well, getting decorations up early.

That said, it is early October. I haven;t even thought about Halloween candy or a costume yet. Heck, I am not even ready to pack my shorts and flip flops away yet. I am for living in the moment, and i am glad you agree the right moment for Christmas decorations is after Thanksgiving!

Now Christmas lists, they are another story. Start working on those now! ;)


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