So it's over.  But it's pretty convenient to just stay with him.  And, it's kinda rough to break up with someone.  Soooooo.... you might as well just stay together, right?

NO!  Now you can hire a COMPANY to dump someone for you with a simple, yet straight forward text message.

The Breakup Shop is offering to break up with someone with prices starting at just $10!

They have several options.  The cheapest is a breakup text for $10.  The most expensive are a phone call or a personalized letter, both of which cost right around $30.

$40 if put a 2-hour rush on it.  Ha!  In case you need to get rid of that guy in a hurry!

You can add a gift to the breakup if you want.  Like Netflix gift cards, "The Notebook" on Blu-Ray, and cookies... and I can't tell if that's cool or a slap in the face?!

You can check out the service at

And, word has it they are hiring!  So if you're looking for a little Christmas cash and you're pretty good at letting people down easy, go for it!

Good luck!