Has your boyfriend/girlfriend ever gotten an explicit text from someone that's not you? Your first reaction would be to freak out at them, right? Mine too, until I saw what was on my boyfriend's phone.

My boyfriend Jim and I have been together for about 12 years, so we really trust each other. No matter if it's a weird spam Instagram DM or a text like the one he got the other day, we share it with each other. What I didn't realize is that he wasn't the only one who got it!

Imagine my reaction when I get a text from my boyfriend with a picture of a woman's bare chest. So many questions went through my head until I saw what came with it, this bizarre text. It said "Heyy is this Joey, :) remember me lol this is Jenn I messaged u like a month ago when i was in Albany but we never got a chance to do anything i'm gonna be in Albany for a few days if u would like to get a drink i would love to see u babe :)"

So, obviously my boyfriend's name isn't Joey, therefore, he was off the hook and quickly blocked her. I wrote it off as a wrong number and another missed connection, until I heard friends of mine got similar texts. Each one came with an explicit picture and a message asking if the number belonged to someone. I could totally see someone getting in trouble with a text like this. Could you imagine if I was dating someone named Joey? Pretty smart for them to use "Albany" based on his area code. Have you seen this spam going around? Have you or someone you know gotten it?

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