It has been an institution in the Albany area for many, many decades.  We took our son there meny times, and I have the old videos to prove it -(somewhere !!) I'm sure you do too.   Everyone's pretty riled up about it, so I thought it needed a "battle cry".  

I keep hearing in my head the song that emanates out of the speakers of a typical carousel.  We used to ride that thing every summer when Ben was growing up.  There was also the little train that would circle the property.  We crammed ourselves into those seats on many occasions too.  Great times, and I know for a fact that we weren't alone!


The issue of Hoffman's possibly being sold off was covered recently in the Business Review.  I don't know about you, but it certainly captured MY attention, as well as a gentleman from Niskayuna who set up a Facebook page.   That's all well and good, but they need a song to go with it, so I'm throwing my hat in the ring.   Here it is with lyrics to follow

mp3 version

                                    Hoffman's Playland Song 
                               lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved
We cannot understand why'd you'd close Hoffman's Playland
I don't think that  I can stand to see it go dark
Say what?  No more good times?
Each summer on Route 9
Who needs another strip mall?
This ain't Clifton park
If you folks take a good look
Next time your on Facebook
There's a guy from Niskayuna who set up a page
He says "Please don't close it -
They're gonna bulldoze it!
Please go on there and "like it" ,
Regardless of age
PLEASE tell us that it's not true theyll be no more choochoo
That circled round the property all day and nite
And  that cute carousel
Will be no more  as well?
We're getting mad as hell
SAVE HOFFMANS PLAYLAND- someone --purchase the site!
Do it tonite !
(Let's hope their efforts pay off to save this treasured piece of local history)