This morning Bethany and I chatted with Steve Caporizzo for Pet Connection. When I looked at the pictures he emailed over of the two dogs searching for their forever homes, I was with instant smiles.

Bud is just 2-years old and is basically a big ol' puppy, just a 100-pound puppy! Even as big as he is, he loves to snuggle up on your lap. He knows some basic skills like, "sit," and "stay," but his favorite is giving you that loving ,"hi-five!" You can see those big puppy dog eyes below, but when this boy is happy you can really know it because he actually smiles wide! How cute?! As Caporizzo stated, "Bud is not for the first time dog owner, he needs someone who will be patient and consistent with him and really help him blossom into the perfect dog."

Bud Credit: Pet Connection

Eliza is somewhere around 6-8 years old and is quite the lover! She is a chow-chow mix, great in the home and is crate trained and also loves a walk around town on her leash. Plus, like most chow-chow mixes, she's a very clean dog and typically latches onto one family member the most. A non-cat home would be best for Eliza, so maybe your home could be hers.

Eliza Credit: Pet Connection

For more on either of these dogs or on how to adopt them into your forever home this holiday season, please call:

11th Hour Rescue 518-223-5589

Or visit their site: