I hate to be Chicken Little here.  "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!".  Not quite, but the banana may be falling- into extinction if we don't do something!

   According to a story from ABC News.com, the common "garden variety" banana is being hit by a terrible fungus that could very possibly make it extinct!

...a fungal disease called Panama Disease Race 4 could threaten the existence of the Cavendish, the most widespread variety of banana sold in markets around the world. Panama Disease Race 4, has been found in Southeast Asia, Australia and Indonesia, and some experts believe it could be only a matter of years before that fungus spreads to Latin America, the United States' main source of its favorite bananas.

 In fact, someone on You tube asked the question "What is this on my banana?" Check this out!

Would YOU go crazy without your minimum daily requirement of bananas?  You can go bananas by leaving your comment below.  There has to be something we  can do!

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