As parents we always try to pick healthy snack for our kids. Now a local supermarket chain is helping children and parents a like to make better snack choices.In a program that was launched yesterday, Shop Rite supermarkets across the Capital Region will offer a healthy snack to kids under twelve. It's their free fruit program in an effort to help make better snack decisions while kids are shopping with their parents.

At your local Shop Rite, kids twelve and under are encouraged to get a free Kids Club card at the courtesy desk and then present it in the produce section for their free snack.

It's always a battle in our house to get our six year old, Ryan, to chose a healthy snack. Usually we make the decision for him. He eats well, but when we are out grocery shopping we are bombarded with every kind of unhealthy snack. I applaud the program at Shop Rite, it makes the kids feel important with their own club card and also helps them to make their own healthy decision for a snack.

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