If one grocery store chain was doing this, it would make sense but they did the math and if this was your favorite part of the produce section, multiple chains have stopped carrying it.

Price Chopper/Market 32 and Hannaford have both announced that they will both no longer be carrying "ugly produce," according to the Albany Business Review. Back in August 2017, Price Chopper/Market 32 started selling "misfit produce" at a discount. These would be fruits and vegetables that may be oddly shaped or look less than perfect but still completely edible. Hannaford started the idea even earlier, in May 2016, both companies on a trial basis.

Now, after research, they have decided to pull these "ugly" foods from their shelves. The reason being that the product was inconsistent. With the non-ugly produce, they knew what the customer was getting but these "ugly" pieces, it was a little more of a guessing game. The original goal was to reduce food waste but now, it's assumed that they will return to composting, grinding it down, donating it to farms, or throwing it away.

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