More than 300 cases of what the CDC is calling a potentially deadly fungus have been reported in New York hospitals.

The word fungus is daunting enough. Add the word deadly to it, and it gets more scary. According to a News 10 report,Candida Auris is 'harmful yeast fungus' that is being seen in nursing homes and hospitals. 600 cases of the fungus have been reported in 12 states, half of them in New York.

The News 10 article says "Candida Auris can enter the bloodstream and spread rapidly wreaking havoc throughout the body, causing serious invasive infections." The fungus is also resistant to most drug treatments and can be difficult to detect.'

Scientists are recommending thorough hand washing if you visit any medical facilities, and are currently trying to learn more about the fungus. Hopefully this is one of those instances where a little research will lead to an effective diagnosis and treatment plan for this potentially deadly fungus!

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