Blake Shelton has returned to the Coaches chair for another season of NBC’s The Voice. While Shelton is hoping for his third win, we’re having fun watching him adapt to his new co-stars and hopeful contestants. Surprisingly, one of the contestants is not too far from the Albany area.

The Morgan Twins are proudly representing New York State by winning a spot on Blake Shelton's team. Rhian and Cara Morgan, who both have bachelor's degrees from SUNY Potsdam, have already created a name for themselves in the Rochester, New York area. Now, the duo is ready to slide into the national spotlight.

WGNA intern Stacy Jo is a big fan of the show, so we’ve asked her to review some of her favorite episodes of The Voice-Season 4. Here's her recap of the show that introduced us to the Morgan Twins.

"Something that is pretty cool about this season of 'The Voice' is that The Morgan twins are from Rochester New York, and are very well known in their hometown!! Do the twins look familiar? Well they should, because The Morgan Twins auditioned for American Idol Season 2 back in 2003, and even made it to Hollywood week! Unfortunately, but fortunately for 'The Voice,' they were cut from the competition before advancing to the live shows!!! Not because they weren't great singers, it was simply because they wouldn't split up, and compete as solo artists!!!! The duo even sang the same song they performed on American Idol, "Falling" by Alicia Keys. Although there's a lot of great competition, I hope they make it to the next round of the show."