Blake Shelton has returned to the Coaches chair for another season of NBC's The Voice. While Shelton is hoping for his third win, we're having fun watching him adapt to his new friends on the judges/coaches panel.

WGNA intern Stacy Jo is a big fan of the show, so we've asked her to review the first episode of The Voice with the new panel of judges/coaches that include Shakira and Usher.

"So the voice started last night with 2 new judges Shakira and Usher!!!! I like the new line up much much more then the old one!! I love the new panel's dynamic, Usher and Blake Shelton are GREAT together!! I think it would be awesome to see them team up on a song in the future. What do you think?

They all seam to have a lot of fun together. I know we are only on show # 1,but I am really liking the new Voice.  It looks like they all had a great time poking fun at Usher.  Especially when Usher said “Nashville is my favorite state!” (I guess it’s a good thing Usher sings and he isn't a geography teacher!!!!!)

Blake seems to jump right in getting his fist team members with a set of twins. The identical Morgan Twins!! Blake says “the is every man's dream, its like a Double mint commercial!” -and then Usher reminded him he is married to Miranda Lambert!!

This season of The Voice, in my opinion, will be the best so far!!!!!"

Do you agree with Stacy or do you miss Christina and Cee-Lo? (Please leave your comments below)

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