The excitement is building, even as we speak.  Sawyer Fredericks, from Fultonville, NY.  Right in our own back yard, for God sakes! Can he win The Voice?  And better yet, isn't there a song written about him yet?  Maybe not until now! 

Hey - it had to be done.  I'm not going to win any awards for it, and I wouldn't want anyone to rate my vocal ability.  I can't take that kind of scrutiny.  I don't know how Sawyer or any of the others have withstood it all these many months on NBC's "The Voice".  I did this because I thought there was a definite need for a "rah rah -go get em" song, so I took a stab at it.    The lyrics are below the video, in case you want to sing along at home.

Best of luck to Sawyer Fredericks. We're all cheering for you, buddy!


Sawyer is our choice

I hope he wins The Voice
you know he's got the talent and the skill
We all wish hime well
so does his coach Pharell
Sawyer is the pride of Fultonville
To Meghan and to Josh
you were fun to watch
no doubt your performances were strong
but you just  can't compete
with kid who is that sweet
God what I'd do to grow my hair that long
Sawyer is our choice
I know he's win The Voice
when he sings you gotta love that sound
he's fultonvilles sensation
without hesitation
Who knew a star could come from such a little town
you made this nation turn their chairs around