So sad, I pretty much missed the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" craze in both it's previous incarnations. When it first became popular in the lat 1980's I myself was too old to get into the mutant crime fighters, and my two older boys seemed to miss the more popular restarts that happened in the years since. Now that Nickelodeon has successfully ignited the imaginations of kids since their purchase of the franchise in 2009, the timing was just right to attract my youngest son, Caden. He LOVES his, "inja turtles".

If you too, have a child who is crazy about these pizza loving, heroes on the half shell than you will love the new live action feature length movie coming to theaters in August. This new trailer while very similar to the previous released one, does give you a bit of a better look at all of the Turtles ....and just enough Megan Fox to get me excited for the movie!

Check it out:


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