This is a "part two" of sorts.  I had actually taken a shot at this town last year, but never included everything that I should have due to time constraints, so I put out the call for a second song parody about this great Capital Region town.  Here is the result below

The town of course is Glens Falls, NY, voted Hometown USA years ago, and I'm sure it would still win the prize today. I had the chance to visit them in the past in connection with my school program, and was really impressed with the education system there for starters!

So much history there, and it's grown incrementally in both population and commercial development.  I thought it would be a great one to revisit musically.  Thanks to all of the Facebook folk who chimed in with new information.  Here's the song with lyrics below.

Well there's an upstate town and none is better
a new hockey team in the old civic center
Hacksaw Jim (a famous) wrestler you see
did you know that his daddy is the chief of police
It's a town that has it all
it's name is Glens Falls
a nice place to see balloons
don't have to drive far to find Sandy's Clam Bar
(you migh)t hook up with someone too
the airport sure is a bit cramped
some say it's the size of a postage stamp
you can have ball
if you shop in Glens Falls
there really is plenty to do…….
(If you want) something to eat
Maybe somebody would treat ya
(to a) dirty john hot dog or
 a harvest pizza
(If you've) lived there awhile I bet you have found
 Mr Rummel was the best damn principal around
(Great place )to work and play its the hometown USA
you should visit some time and shmooze
kids without hesitation get a great education
in the awesome elementary schools
Open up the Guinness Book it would say
Glens Falls had the biggest pizza ever made EVER made
I had a really good time
taking this Florida Georgia line song
and making it all about YOU   Glens Falls!!!!

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