Friday morning! Always a good time here at the radio ranch. Today we were almost a man, or should I say a woman down as Casey has been pretty sick the last couple days. We still managed to have fun with her and I think she "Topped" off the morning monologue with a good joke at the end. Before you hear it, let's go over what we covered.

  • The World Atheist Convention starts in Ireland today.
  • The 84th National Spelling Bee took place last night. ( I joke "Timmy Jones from Georgia won it, he didn't.)
  • The Lakers plan to retire the number 34 Jersey of Shaquille O'Neal.
  • Katy Perry and Russel Brand visit ed Mexico for Memorial Day.
  • What do you get Angelina Jolie for her birthday?
  • Is Mitt Romney running for President... yes.
  • The Federal Government has put an end to the "USDA Food Pyramid" Sad day.
  • How do female butterflies let the males know they are "willing"?

Ah yes, its a long one today,but what a good way to get to your weekend , with a laugh or two. Have a Listen and "like" it if you like it.

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