I was at the Bethlehem YMCA for the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour, brought to you by….(insert sponsor's name here - we don't have one right now -hint hint) .  Anyway, this was a great chance to meet a bunch of real "Champs"

Rusty Decker is the program director there and he kindly called me in to write a song with
 kids who are either battling illnesses themselves or have family members that are having it tough.  They are all part of the CHAMPS program.
 These kids ARE champs and you have to hand it to the YMCA in Bethlehem for providing a service like this.  You also have to hand it to these guys and gals for putting together a song in less than an hour!  Here it is - a new jingle for the CHAMPS program-

By the way, In case you are a teacher interested in signing up for the program, I put up a little video that shows the process of creating a song with kids to show in a nutshell how it's done.

If you like what you see and would like to sign up, here is even more information.