It always helps when you get lots of great information.  The songs almost write themselves (as long as there is plenty of high test coffee nearby).  But the combination worked, I think - so here is a song for the great city of Glens Falls, NY for Your Town Thursday. 

Screen Shot Glens Falls
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Special thanks to all of the Facebook contributors as well as Director of Finance and Administration Carrie Sullivan and Communications Manager Greg Chanese over at the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce. They threw in some fun factoids as well.

We will have some photos to share shortly of the city, but for now, here is the song.   This song is loosely based on the hit by Florida Georgia Line called "Around Here".


You history buffs will recall
a little place called Wings Falls
But the name just didn't catch on back then
So it was modified by Johannes Glenn
There are restaurant groupies
Who love to go to Poopies
That really is the name,
And they are not ashamed
Go to Glens Falls Hospital to get your boil drained
You don't have to drive far
for Sandy's Clam Bar
have some breakfast hang around at the Talk of The Town
Noone can forget young Jimmer Fredette
he was raised around here
There's a person that you watch on TV each day
She's world famous Rachael Raye
This is our very own Hometown USA
That's what it's called around here
Festivals to be found
when you travel down town
Like the Taste of North Country
Oh by  the way there's Take A Bite and the Hometown Holiday
There's Davidson Brothers Brewing
and Hacksaw Jim Dugan
and the Chamber wrote me and want to make it clear
that they are celebrating their 100th year
Go to Charlie Woods Theatre to see a good play
the bars close at 3am they all say
a real nice park to go to every day that's what they have around here
Founded in 1839 still going strong still coin' fine
somehow I found a way to make this all rhyme
cuz that's what I do around here  (Rhymin' Richie)
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Would you like to hear other songs about other great towns?

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