My tool chest is probably the most frustrating possession. I could have 400 different "devices" in there, and it never fails to deprive me of the one that I need when the crucial moment arrives!

Don't you wish you had a quick and easy little "thingy" that combines tools in one?  I know that they've done this before -starting with those old jackknives that had a corkscrew and a mini screwdriver and the like.  But just like everything else is evolving these days, so are tools.

According to, there's a new little gizmo that came out called Coral Tools.

The age-old screwdriver has met its match with this design concept called Coral Tools. The multicolored multi-tools look like tripods, but each leg is actually a cover that conceals a flat head screwdriver, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a nail-steadying device to hold a nail while you hammer it

I know.  It doesn't have everything.  But I like the design.  Here' a video clip about it as well if you are thinking of purchasing it!

Untitled from Choi jinyoung on Vimeo.

Have you seen any nifty new tool designs lately?  And more importantly, do you know a person who knows how to use them?  Because I forgot to tell you, I'm the most unhandy guy on planet earth!