We all did less than intelligent things when we were younger, but it feels like the current crop of ridiculousness has reached epic levels.  Remember when people got YouTube views from doing silly things like 'planking' or the litany of dance challenges?  Well those days appear to be gone as the latest internet craze involves...wait for it: Snorting condoms! Why?  How?

There's always one fool online making videos strictly for shock value.  I get that.  In fact, I like to watch them.  I'm actually quite entertained by seeing people do wacky things that I would never do in a million years.  But the condom challenge?  How does one even attempt such a thing? Imagine the amount of work it takes to snort a balloon-like thing up one's nostril only to pull it back through your mouth. If it sounds awful, it is.  I tried watching one the videos and had a tough time getting through it to be quite honest with you.  This coming from a person who likes Dr. Pimplepopper videos.

Hard to watch, even harder to do and quite dangerous.  Welcome to the Jackass 2018 where everyone has a chance to be a star.  All you need is a box of Trojans, a camera, and a willing fool.

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