When you think of your favorite Capital Region diner, what comes to mind?  Is it your hometown hole-in-the-wall, local greasy spoon or maybe it's a little more upscale with fancier booths and modern interior. Diners come in all different shapes and sizes and the decor and menus might vary from place to place, but they have one thing in common: undeniable charm, good food, cozy comfort and a special place in our hearts.

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The pandemic has been a massive challenge for the entire restaurant industry.  Many restaurants are barely surviving, others closed their doors. Just last week it was reported that the very popular Malta Diner sadly had to shut down after nearly 25 years in business.  Butw while many of us go to restaurants less today than a year ago, the love we have for the hometown diner is etched inside us forever.   

There's a certain sense of nostalgia and comfort that goes hand in hand with a good diner.  Whether it's for late-night eats after a fun night out or to chow down when you wake up late the following morning, the diner is a consistent friend who always answers the call for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

Some diners are known for their massive breakfasts, meaty triple decker sandwiches or pancakes the size of your head; maybe even all three.  But they all usually offer bottomless coffee, some sort of hearty meat and potato special, delicious homemade desserts and an open table just for you.  The other thing we know about diners is that every city, town or village has at least one their community adores.

Recently, we asked GNA listeners to Name You Favorite Capital Region Diner.   Since we didn't ask the reason "why," I think it's safe to assume that these places ranked high for  food, comfort, convenience and nostalgia.

Before we get to the Top 5, here a few honorable mentions in no particular order: Bubbles and the Ugly Rooster in Mechanicville, The Rt. 50 Diner in Ballston Spa and On the Hill Cafe in Watervliet.

Top 5 Favorite Capital Region Diners


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