I can't remember the last time that I got an entire night of uninterrupted sleep. It's definitely been more than a year and these days, it's not because of being in my third trimester of pregnancy and miserable, but because of my adorable little boy who randomly wakes up through the night, laughing every 15 minutes or so.

I don't know about you, but Sunday nights are the worst for me. My body wants to hang on to every last second of the weekend, but my mind is swirling with things I need to do in the week ahead. This last Sunday night was no different. I reluctantly crawled into bed early while my husband and son stayed up to watch the Eagles game. But I couldn't sleep- because of the laughter coming from the living room. I walked out to see what was happening, and that;s when I spotted my son trying to lick his way out of baby jail (see video above!).

If you want to get the very best night of sleep possible, then you need to go to bed at a very specific time. And that time is 10:37pm on the dot. Not 10:35pm or 10:40pm, but 10:37pm.

A recent study that polled people about how they sleep during the winter found that 10:37pm is the best for people to get the most out of their sleep.

According to the poll, people sleep an average of six hours and 15 minutes a night between October and February which is 40 minutes less than during the warmer months.

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