If your dream job has to do with getting a good chunk of sleep in during your workday, then you are in luck. Find out if you are eligible to be an intern that gets paid to sleep. According to simplemost.com, there is a new internship called the "snoozetern" that will get you paid to sleep. Mattress Firm which is the largest mattress retailer in the country, announced that they are looking for a special intern for the fall season. They job would entail the intern to work at their "BEDquarters" in Houston, Texas. The snoozetern will be a member of the Mattress Firm's social media team.

You will be required to sleep on the job and give the company's social media followers an inside look at the way the company does business. Plus a peak into their new up and coming products. They will also create content with information so potential customers can choose the best beds for their needs.

You must apply by July 23rd. Click here to become the "snoozetern".

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