The other day I saw a study done by a website, RoadSnacks.Net which set out to "scientifically" find the worst suburbs of Albany N.Y. It seemed pretty legit they looked at a few different factors like, employment, pay, things to do , high school drop out rates and home values. If you are wondering what the worst suburb in their study was here was the top 10 "worst".

  1. Rensselaer
  2. Green Island
  3. Watervliet
  4. Rotterdam
  5. Cohoes
  6. Waterford
  7. Scotia
  8. Wynantskill
  9. Hampton Manor
  10. East Glenville

Now I love the fact that they did this with just statistics and took the whole "opinion" factor out for legitimacy. I like opinion though so I asked my friends and followers on Facebook for just that, their opinions. I asked "What do you think are the best and worst Capital Region towns to live in, but the trick is you can not have ever lived in either of the towns you name. I think that makes it harder to answer but I was hoping to get an idea of which towns had the best and worst "reps".

So, how did it come out? Well as far as the worst places it was just as I had expected, Schenectady and Trow got a lot of votes, I think from shear size and presence of an "inner city" combined with perceived crime rates and as far as the smaller communities went it seemed, Amsterdam and my hometown of Gloversville were the towns most would like to avoid.

The place most people in the Capital Region that most think would be the best place to live was a runaway, by far the majority say, Saratoga.

So there you have it remember though my poll was severely NON scientific and to be truthful YOUR opinion is just as valid as anyone who answered so , go with your gut and live where you think is best for you. One man's trash is anther man's treasure.