In my family I love to carve the turkey. I love it because its actually a pretty easy thing to do once you know the proper way to do it, and you always get lots of compliments from your guests.

I found a video on line that pretty much explains how to carve and plate your turkey exactly the way I do it and I think you will find it works great for you too. I will add a couple things though before you take a look.

First always wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before you start and sometimes you may have to do it again once or twice during the process. If you are doing it right, and the turkey was cooked right you will tend to get slippery juices on your hands while carving.

Secondly, get an electric carving knife!!! I love mine and it just makes the job so much easier.

Okay, so now you are ready to get carving, here is a quick and easy video to help you get it done right and without too much hassle.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friends!





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