I'm sitting here getting ready to go upstairs and watch "The Voice",  when this breaking news item showed up on my iPhone.   Is this ridiculous or what?

According to the latest news from USA today, the guy who jumped the White House fence got a lot farther than people even realize.  It looks like Omar Gonzalez got all the way to the East Room!   This has not been revealed until now.

How is that possible?  Isn't this a total embarrassment to the FBI?  Wouldn't you think heads would roll over an incident like this?    What's the deal?  Budget cuts?  They are supposed to be the elite of the elite, wouldn't you think?

Getty Images

Do you think that we should have known about this sooner, or is it better that the public doesn't know the sordid details of a case like this?  Would love to know your comments, but I have a comment of my own….. STOP HIRING RETAIL STORE SECURITY GUARDS AND GET THE REAL THING!  (Cool your pits over that comment - I used to BE a retail security guard.  I'll be the first to admit I'm not qualified! )