I'm sure you thought about it too, "How does one fall off of a gondola?"

When the news broke this weekend about a girl falling off of a ride at Six Flags Great Escape, my follow up question was immediately, "What ride?!" But when the response was, "the gondola" I had a moment of confusion.


I didn't want to seem insensitive because maybe something malfunctioned for the first time since opening in the 1950s. It just seemed a bit strange to me. The ride, as I'm sure you know goes at a speed slower than my 85-year old grandmother walks and doesn't have a bump in the whole tour of the park. How does one slip out?

Well, it turns out, according to Police, it was because of her actions.

After a thorough investigation that shut down the ride temporarily, state inspectors have cleared it good to go, though the park is having its own internal investigation.

Many on social media had their speculations, with others quick to argue the other side when at the end of the day, the group of people that caught this teen are truly heroes and should be recognized as that.

Lets be serious here, she may have made some bad choices during her time on that ride, but none of those choices would lead me to believe she deserved injury.

Thankfully this ended positively and hey, get yourself over to Six Flags Great Escape this summer and enjoy the rides how they are meant to be enjoyed. Follow the rules, laugh, scream and smile! It's summer and we're lucky to have such a fun place to hang out at locally!

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