Every school year teachers in New York state shell out a ton of their own money to make sure every student in their classroom has the supplies they need. Many teachers are unaware that there is a law that was passed that gives teachers a tax break to help them get most of that money back. According to a News 10 article, New York state teachers spend an average of three to four hundred dollars out of their own pockets every school year. Some teachers take advantage of a major tax law that was passed back in 2015 to get reimbursed for those expenses. Many teachers have no idea it exists.

This deduction was passed as part of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act. According to US Senator Chuck Schumer, he feels that just like charitable donations, this generosity should also be rewarded through a tax break. It is called the Educator Expense Deduction where teachers are allowed to deduct up to $250 each year from their tax bill and they are not required to save their receipts.

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