The holiday season is fast approaching and UPS needs a ton of help. With the influx in online shopping and expedited delivery, drivers and package handlers are desperately needed.
 It looks as if there will be a huge increase in the volume of packages being delivered for the holiday season. According to WKBW, UPS is hoping to hire over one hundred thousand seasonal employees to keep up with demand.

With more and more customers shopping online and getting packages delivered in just days, sometimes overnight, UPS needs to keep up with demand, especially over the holiday season.

There are many jobs UPS is looking to fill with both full and part-time positions. The jobs run from November through January. These include drivers, driver helpers, and package handlers. If you are looking to become full time, UPS said that thirty-five percent of seasonal employees went on to get permanent positions within the company over the last three years.

For more information on what jobs are available, click HERE.

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