Believe it or not, Christmas is only about a week and a half away so if you're shipping some of your gifts, you better do it fast!

Shipping things around Christmas is always risky, you never know if it's going to make it in time and sometimes there's a delay because of the weather. It doesn't stop us from trying to ship presents every year and sending them what seems to be the last day possible.

If you're planning on shipping gifts using either FedEx, UPS or USPS there are a few dates you have to keep an eye out for, according to ShipStation. In regards to the USPS, if you're looking to ship a package but not spend any more money, you need to have your gifts shipped by Thursday, December 14th. For FedEx and UPS you have a little more time, Friday, December 15th.

You can of course spend a little more and ship your gift as late at the 22nd in some cases but make sure you make a note on your calendar because time's running out!

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