What Do You Think of Country Radio? [SURVEY]
When the national landscape of Country radio is looking for input we always are asked to help out the industry at 1077 'GNA because they know our listeners are some of the most informed and brightest country radio listeners in the nation.
A Guide To Holiday Tipping [AUDIO]
Today on the air we talked about holiday tipping. How much are you supposed to give to your babysitter or your mailperson? I never even know who I'm supposed to tip in the first place. In my opinion, I think on both accounts you gotta go with your gut. If you think the person deserves a little …
I Call Bull On This Survey
I love surveys.  They are almost always fun to look at and think about and I do think that sometimes they can be very eye opening.  Often times with certain polling groups they can also be quite honest. There are however the just for fun , unscientific surveys that you just have to laugh a…